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David in Potting Shed 17-02-24_edited_ed

While I have been making pots for over 40 years, I sometimes describe myself as a rather mixed-up potter!

I am self-taught making mainly slip earthenware which has been thrown,
moulded or constructed pieces. My pots are generally functional for domestic use.

I like to create simple dynamic decoration using oxide based coloured slip fired in an electric kiln.

In the last 15 years in addition to my earthenware pottery I have also been making woodfired stoneware. This work is very different to my earthenware pots.

Form and texture play a much larger influence compared to slipware.

In 2017 I helped build a woodfired kiln.
The kiln is fired two or three times a year. Woodfiring adds a completely new dimension and complexity to my work where the characteristics of the pots are more determined by the types of glazes and idiosyncrasy of the wood fired kiln.
It is as though I use two different parts of my brain to make the two different types of pots.

Nevertheless, the heart of my potting is to make pots that can be used every day and are attractive to the user.

I support the Oxford Children’s Hospital Charity and I donate a third of my sales to the Charity.

There is more information about me and my work on my website


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